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Ghostwriting Services

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Are you struggling to write your book? Do you need a best-selling author to do it for you?

You should book me to write your story!

I am a ghostwriter, 6x author, publisher, editor & speaker. As a published author, I will use my expertise to write your story. At Ashleigh Publishing LLC, we will publish your books to Barnes & Nobles, Walmart, Amazon & more. You will learn how to market your books to earn more sales while building an author platform. It's more than book publishing for us. It's helping you take your author's dreams to new levels.

Please Note: Ghostwriting Services Start at $2,000.

(Price Chart is Listed Below)

Click on the drop-down menu under ghostwriting services to select how many words you want for your manuscript.

Price varies on the word count of your manuscript.

Pay the balance within 12 months with Affirm!

*Choose Affirm as a payment option at checkout on the website.

 $500 off all Publishing & Ghostwriting Services!

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 What Is A Ghostwriter?

A ghostwriter is a person who is hired to write material such as music, speeches, and books for someone else. However, the ghostwriter will not get credited for the work they have done. The client will pay the ghostwriter to write their book for them and take all the credit!

How Does Ghostwriting Work?

Ghostwriting projects are different with each client, the process of ghostwriting typically involves these steps:

1. Consultation (Phone or Video): We have an initial conversation where we see if we are a great fit for each other. During this call, you will be able to ask us questions and we will learn more about your project.


2. Proposal:
After our consultation, we will send you a project proposal for your review. This proposal will include the price of the package, what's included in the ghostwriting package, and payment options.


*Financing Options are available on website*

3. Deposit & Agreement: You will have the option to pay in full or pay a deposit. Once the deposit has been made and your agreement has been signed, we can start with your project.

4. Book Outline: This will be done virtually or over the phone to go over your book outline. This will help us with the process of writing and the flow of the book.

5. Interviews: This will be done virtually or over the phone with you to take notes or recorded transcripts of your story so we can write several chapters at a time.

6. Book Draft: Once we complete the interviews, we will write your masterpiece!

Note that this will be a back-and-forth process until we get this draft correct.

7. Revisions: This is where you will get involved. The named author will have the chance to read the draft and add or subtract to their story and clarify ideas, names, dates and etc.

8. Editing & Interior Layout Design: After the final draft is approved, we will put the manuscript through our editing and proofreading service. Then we will format and do your interior book design to prepare your book for publishing.

 Now that you have read our conditions and guidelines.

You should book me to write your story!  

If this is a commitment, you're willing to make, please move forward by paying your deposit it will be deducted from your balance owed.


Payment must be paid in USD!

Contract is required and will state the following: 

For more questions, e-mail us at


Payment is nonrefundable.